Tuesday, May 11, 2010

"Dead in the Family" by Charlaine Harris

I requested this book for my Mother's Day present, as it came out last week... it the the tenth book in the Sookie Stackhouse series (upon which the HBO series "True Blood" is based). I re-read book 9 the day before, so I would remember where we were in the story.... thankfully so, because this book was confusing enough on its own. It seemed really bogged down with family trees and explanation of vampire political hierarchies and relationships.... almost as if this book is really just a bridge to the next. There was some action and all, but not the exciting, can't wait to turn the page kind of action that I'm used to in this series. I hope its not because the author is too comfortable in the popularity of the series... or that I'm over it, because I really have enjoyed it. I hope this is more of a set-up for the next book, and that will be more on par with what I'm looking for in these books. So, not my favorite by a long shot... but hopes that there is still another good book to come in the series. Otherwise, I may be done with it.

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