Friday, December 31, 2010

"1001 Book You Must Read Before You Die: Revised & Updated Edition" by Peter Boxall

Look what I bought last night.  I have been thinking about this compilation for the past month, ever since I really became aware of it.  Then, when I saw the actual book - wow.  It is a beauty. I love the photos, the essays regarding why each book has been included in the list.... even the smell of it.  (It has been awhile since I bought a brand new book for myself).

My mother was visiting, and we went through the book counting the titles we have read.  She beat me, of course, but I think we both did pretty well.  This updated version knocks me down to 36 books read, as some books from the original list were removed to make room for more recently published works.  My plan is to take down the "1001 Books" page I have on this site and then only list the books that I have read.  I am going to get all nerdy and make a spreadsheet of all the titles for myself, but I don't feel comfortable putting the whole list on my page (copyright laws and such).  While this list is not going to dictate what I read from now on, I have to admit a certain amount of giddiness knowing that I'm going to check off several titles in the next year!

1001 Books You Must Read Before You Die: Revised and Updated Edition
by Peter Boxall, General Editor
Universe Publishing, 2010
960 pages - including all indexes


Adam said...

I have a copy of the original 2006 edition and I refuse to get a new one or to update my list, because it keeps changing and I end up losing books from the original list that I had read and counted. So, to make it easy on myself (and to be able to ultimately get anywhere with this list).

I'm such a nerd, too - I went through that whole darn book and put little marks next to books I had read, a different mark by books I wanted to read, and another kind of mark by books I'd never heard of. LOL I have my own "1,001" list on my website, too - just listing the ones I've completed but (like you) I won't post the whole list on my blog.

Good Luck!

Red said...

Good luck making it through the list! I went through the list to see how I stacked up and there were so many titles I didn't even recognize.

Sarah said...

Thats why I love this book! There are many titles I don't recognize, but the book has an essay about each - so I can better decide if it is something I am interested in reading or not.

Heather said...

I bought this for my mother for Christmas, and she loved it. Especially when she realized that many of the older titles are likely to be free or almost free on her new Kindle. I've read 52 of the books listed in the 20th and 21st century, which is as far down the list as I went. Have fun!

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