Friday, November 22, 2013

Audio Book Review: "Please Ignore Vera Dietz" by A.S. King

Oh, Vera.  She's always loved her best friend Charlie Kahn, but she's also hated him too.  Especially most recently.  And now that he's dead - she just doesn't know what to do, so she just goes on - school, full time job, doing her best to jest get through it all.  But she knows Charlie like no one else ever could, and she is the only one who can clear his name.  Can she really do it?  Can she share his secrets even if it means facing her own?

I listened to this audio over the course of three weeks, pretty much once per week.  Sometimes that makes it difficult to keep the entire story in my head well enough to write something about it (and I have skipped writing about audios that I've listened to like this).... but this one is different.  There is something about this - the way the story is told, or maybe the way the characters are fleshed out...  but I just had to post about it.

Vera and Charlie have always had their own secrets to deal with, but knowing these things about the other really cemented their bond.  They are both very different, very funny, and incredibly loyal.  This story is told primarily from Vera's point of view, and includes many many flashbacks, but there are poignant sections told by her dad, "the dead kid" and even the Pagoda itself - a large monument/tourist attraction up the hill from where Vera and Charlie live.   It all works together to tell of a complicated journey toward self-realization and building the confidence to do what is right, and to face the truths that we all like to keep hidden.  It will make you teary, you will laugh out loud, and you will not forget.

Side note:  I need to get my hands on the print version, only because I need to see Vera's father's flowcharts.  They are narrated very well in the audio which had to have been tricky to do, but I just want to see what they look like written down.  It is just so him.
Please Ignore Vera Dietz
by A.S. King
Narrated by Lynde Houck
Listening Library, 2011.  Originally Published 2010 by Knopf.
8 hr 9 min or 326 pages
Source:  Library



Susan said...

I saw a review of this a year or so ago that made me get the book from the library, but then I didn't get to read it and had to return it. I think I'm going to have to try again! said...

Those flowcharts are everything. I love Vera's dad.

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