Thursday, December 19, 2013

Book Review: "Heist Society" by Ally Carter

Katarina Bishop tried to walk away from the family business...  but her dad is in trouble.  A big bad mob type guy, believes that Kat's father stole 5 priceless paintings from him, and if those paintings are not returned in 2 weeks - Dad's a goner.  But Dad is currently under heavy surveillance for a theft he really did commit... so he is in no position to defend himself.  So it is up to Kat and the team of fellow teenage thieves to steal back the paintings, deliver them to the mobster and save her father's life.  Easy, right?  Not so fast....

This was such a FUN book!  It moves so fast with great twists and turns - it was like the YA novel version of Ocean's Eleven or The Italian Job.  Kat is a great character, smart and witty - many ways wiser than her fifteen years - especially when it came to "the family business" but also quite naive in other ways - like in possible romantic areas.  She surrounds herself with quite the crew, and I'd really like to learn more about them....  good thing this is just the beginning of a series!  There is also a bit about her family's past that I'm  curious to learn more about.  And even with those questions, and knowing that there is a series to follow this book, I didn't feel like there was a cliffhanger.  The events of this book are actually concluded in this book... you just are left with the feeling that there will be more to come.  I like that.  I am definitely reading on in the series...  it is just too much fun to pass up!

Heist Society
by Ally Carter
Disney-Hyperion, 2010
287 pages
Series:  Heist Society #1
Source:  Purchased New


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Annette Mills said...

I totally agree. These books are fun! And I think, page turners too. You've reminded me that I haven't read the most recent one, so I'll have to remember to do that.

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