Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Book Review: "Wake" by Amanda Hocking

Gemma LOVES to swim.  It is seriously just about all she does...  swim practice in the pool or swimming alone at night in the bay.  She can't get enough.  But right now there are other things going on with and around her that distract her.  Her older sister, Harper, is acting more like a mother than she ever has before... filling in for their brain damaged mother who lives in a group home.  Gemma is also starting to notice the geeky but suddenly cute older boy next door, and there is a possible romance a-brewing.  There are also the three gorgeous girls who have showed up in town this summer...  it feels like something is a little off with them, but nobody can really figure out what it is.  Also, the missing teens.  A handful of teens have completely disappeared in town and up the shore, and there is worry of a serial killer afoot.

I'm not going to lie, I really was not looking forward to reading this AT ALL.  But it was on my reading list for class...  so I settled in and hoped to be pleasantly surprised.  Eh - didn't happen.  To be honest, I didn't even know what this was about, I just didn't want to read it.  I happened to watch Ice Age 4 with my kids just before I started reading and seriously - with one scene from that movie - I had figured out pretty much this entire book by page 40.  I think that even if I hadn't watched that movie, I still would've been able to predict all the major points.  Sometimes when that happens, I'm still able to enjoy the story - but not so much here.

The writing drove me absolutely bonkers.  Its all in third person, but the point of view changes are subtle and not very clear.  All of a sudden you get bombarded with all these pronouns and you have to sort out which one is speaking and which one is being talked to or thought about.  The characters are really kind of flat too.  Gemma is supposed to be the main character, right?  But she is far less interesting than Harper or even the boys we get to meet.  I don't understand the internal struggles she is having regarding Alex, the boy next door.  I don't understand how hanging out a couple times and kissing like twice makes her want him to be in love with her.  I just don't believe or see how they got to that point so quickly.  The playing with timelines, retelling scenes from another point of view...  and then the cliffhanger, it is just so irksome.  UGH!  Too many tricks in a small amount of writing space.  But - hey!   I get to read the sequel too!  Fingers crossed that works better for me.
by Amanda Hocking
St. Martin's Griffin, 2012
309 pages
Series:  Watersong #1
Source:  Library


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