Saturday, January 4, 2014

2nd Annual Classics Club Readathon!

And the 2nd Annual Classics Club Readathon starts NOW!  I'll be reading as much as I can for the next 24 hours (well, much less than that really considering I have to work).  This one is hosted by the Classics Club too, so I will obviously start out with a book from my Classics Club list, and hopefully one that will count toward one of my Reading Challenges as well.  I will post updates here throughout the day, so you can check in and see how I'm doing!

8:00am - Start! -  Well, you start.  I'm getting ready and heading to work.  And after the library being closed for the past day and a half due to the snowstorm - it is sure to be a busy busy day!

9am-5pm - At work.  My turn as the Saturday Librarian!
                           I did read the first chapter of Pudd'nhead Wilson by Mark Twain during my lunch break.  He's introducing the people of the town, and one character is introduced, then completely dismissed as someone we don't care about and just moves on!  I love Twain.  I think this was a good choice.

8:00pm  -  Well, it was a very busy day at work, just as I expected.  After coming home, doing the dinner thing and such... the kids are now in bed and I've been able to read for almost an hour now.  I'm pretty tired, and think I'll go make myself comfy to read in bed.... I'm just now starting Chapter 4 in Pudd'nhead Wilson and I'm really enjoying it.  Twain really has a way with words, doesn't he?  Especially when he is pointing out a social custom that he finds ridiculous.  That is my favorite.

12 Midnight - ooh, I fell asleep around 11pm.

4:00am - I am definitely asleep right now.

8:00am - Finish Line - Woke up around 7am and read the hour, getting me roughly halfway through Pudd'nhead Wilson.  Since I missed so much of the actual readathon yesterday, I plan on finishing the book today.  I hope everyone else participating enjoyed the experience and feel successful in their goals!

I would like to extend a HUGE thank you to Adam for orchestrating this readathon.  He did pretty much all of the work to organize and run it, and is the reason that the event is successful.  Thank you Adam, you are awesome.

Until next time....

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Roof Beam Reader said...

Thanks for the shout-out! You're very welcome! :)

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