Thursday, January 9, 2014

Book Review: "Lullaby" by Amanda Hocking

To just be blunt about it, I really did not want to read this book nor its predecessor in the series, Wake.  But I had to for class, so I tried to make the best of it.  That means that I left this to be the very last required title to read before I got to treat myself with three titles of my choosing.

In this installation, Gemma has disappeared with the sirens, leaving her sister Harper, her boyfriend Alex, and Harper's friend Daniel frantically searching for her.  Gemma is trying to find a way out of her situation, or at least find some peace with it.

Yeah...  that's about all that happens in this book.  It is like a weird space filler to make sure this was an actual trilogy of books (please tell  me this is just a trilogy!  I don't care enough to check.).  Nothing terribly exciting happens.  The big climatic ending falls short, and while it leaves a couple questions hanging to lead into the next book - I really don't care.  This doesn't leave me desperate to figure out what the deal is with Daniel, or what the final resolution is going to be with Gemma and the sirens.

One thing I will say improved in this book from the first was the author's use of multiple point of views.  The character's perspectives did not shift randomly within chapters here, but rather each chapter kept to one character (Gemma or Harper's) point of view.  But the writing was still grating - repeating the same information over and over, and the strangely worded sentences thrown in among all the simplistic ones still drove me nuts.

Gah, I'm done.

by Amanda Hocking
St. Martin's Griffin, 2012
290 pages
Series:  Watersong #2
Source:  Library


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