Friday, April 25, 2014

My World Book Night 2014

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Oh, how I love World Book Night!  I love the philosophy behind it - spreading the love of reading person to person - and I love participating!  This year I got to do even more!

This year, the library where I work got to be a pick up location!  This was orchestrated by my former co-worker, who left the library a month before World Book Night.  So I got to be the coordinator which was so much fun!  I made little goodie bags for the givers who were picking up at our library.  I included all the information from WBN, as well as some snacks and a little bottle of water, a book mark and a greeting card with a picture of a beautiful painting done of our library. I really hope everyone enjoyed them!

On World Book Night itself, I did pretty much what I did last year - that is, I carried the books around with me all day and handed them out where ever I could.  This year the people in line with me at the post office and at Target received books, and the people working the drive thru window at McDonald's did too.  I also gave them to the day care workers who watched my kids that day, as well as one of the other parents picking up when I was.  I still had a couple left over - so today I gave books to the young men who came to set up the tent I rented for my husband's graduation party as well as each of the hairdressers where I took my kids for haircuts.  I loved all the smiles I got when I handed over the book - I was giving out The Perks of Being a Wallflower - and I even got a cheer from one of the McDonald's employees!  I only had one group turn me down, but totally supported what I was doing and was still happy to hear about World Book Night.

I had so much fun that I wish I still had more books to give away!  I guess I'll have to wait until next year!!


Wesley Hoffmann said...

Reading everyone's WBN posts is making me so jealous! Sounds like it was a great experience!

Joan Robertson said...

Gosh that was a brilliant idea for the WBN givers to be given a goodie bag , I picked my books up from waterstones , and only got a carrier bag to put them in , still it's a great night and I'll be volunteering again next year , maybe I can pick up my books at your library lol

Melissa (Avid Reader) said...

This was my first year as a giver and I just loved it! It was such a joy to see everyone's smiles as you explain what it is!

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