Friday, April 4, 2014

Totally Last Minute Readathon! #24in48

This is just a super sloppy very quick post to say that I'm joining in the #24in48 Readathon which starts in....  3 hours.  Nothing like the last minute!

Basically the idea is to read for 24 hours within a 48 hour time period.  You know, because who really stays awake reading for 24 hours?  Oh, you do?  Ok then.  Well, I can't.  I've never been able to pull all nighters - the closest was when I had newborn babies to are for.... and even then, I got a little bit of sleep every night.

This readathon is hosted by A Home Between Pages and you can sign up HERE.

Seeing as how I am signing up for this just hours before it begins - I am most definitely not in any way prepared for this...  so we'll just see how it turns out!  I will be stealing borrowing my son's reading timer bookmark thing to really see how close to the 24 hours I actually get.

Good Luck everyone!  Have fun!

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