Monday, May 19, 2014

Book Review: "Bright Before Sunrise" by Tiffany Schmidt

Jonah just wants to get through these last few days at Cross Pointe High, and get back to his real friends and his long time girlfriend back in Hamilton before he goes off to State in the fall.  If only that Brighton Waterford would leave him alone.  What is her deal anyway?  Can't she see that he just doesn't want to get involved or make friends with the rich, stuck up kids at this school?

Brighton is trying to keep up the cheery, helpful, nice facade she always has - but today has been especially difficult.  Tomorrow will be an incredibly hard day - and a particularly frustrating run in with the new kid Jonah isn't helping her out at all.  Why can't she just let it go?

That run-in today is just the start of a long, crazy, unexpected evening - the kind that can change your life.

This came very highly recommended by some trusted friends, so I was looking forward to this.  As you know, I am a sucker for contemps so that was totally working in my favor as well.  But I was a little wary about the "everything happens within a few hours" idea...  and I'll admit that it took me a bit to warm up to Brighton.  But not Jonah - I liked him right away.  I understood him right away, and I think the issues he had with Brighton at the beginning echoed in my indifference toward her as well.  But as the night wore on, I got her and I really liked where this went.  So, yeah, you still have to suspend a little disbelief to accept that all of this happens in one night - but in the end, you'll be happy about it.

Give this to readers with an interest in reading about:  moving/starting over in new environment, surviving loss of loved one, social/relationship issues, romance.

Bright Before Sunrise
by Tiffany Schmidt
Walker Childrens, 2014
288 pages
Source:  Purchased New


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