Saturday, May 10, 2014

Book Review: "Torn Away" by Jennifer Brown

One moment and everything changed.  One freak occurrence and everything was gone.  One unusually large tornado aimed at Jersey's Missouri town, and nothing was ever the same again.

Jersey lost her family, her home, and any semblance of the life she knew that afternoon.  As if that weren't hard enough to survive, she is then made to go live with estranged family members that she's never met.  Her connection to her life, to everything she knows, unravels quickly and Jersey is lost.  Everything she had always taken for granted - just gone.

First of all, I never expected to read this in just a few short hours.  But I couldn't stop myself.  This book is incredibly intense, very emotional and one of those that I read while ugly crying and a hand over my mouth.  Jersey lives through the worst tornado that has every come through their area....   but it takes days to find out if anyone else in her family has.  Her house is all but leveled, just like the rest of her neighbors.  Her cell phone isn't working.  No one knows anything.  Once the damage and the fates of her family members is known, she is sent to live with her biological father - a known alcoholic she has never met nor heard a good word about.  It is a nightmare.  Jersey is doing everything she can to endure while dealing with her survivor's guilt and hanging on to any good memory of her "before" life she can.  The nightmare doesn't end there....  and my heart just breaks for Jersey over and over again.  

This will haunt me...  an excellent survivor story that doesn't end when the sirens do.

Torn Away
by Jennifer Brown
Little, Brown, 2014
288 pages
Source:  Netgalley/Publisher for honest review


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