Saturday, August 2, 2014

Book Review: "Reasons My Kid is Crying" by Greg Pembroke

Parents, let's all just come together and admit it.  Our small children are funny little creatures when they are being adorable AND when they're not.  They don't quite have the ability to reason yet, or maybe not be able to clearly communicate what they want, or describe how their expectations aren't being me.  They cry.  They meltdown.  And sometimes their meltdowns make us want to meltdown too.  But we're the adults.  So instead, this father of two started a Tumlbr. and took pictures of his little ones' meltdown and explained Reasons My Kid Is Crying.  And it is hilarious.

Sometimes we just need to laugh so that we don't cry.  Right?  Tell me I'm not alone here.  This book isn't going to take long to get from cover to cover...  but you will laugh your whole way through.  You may even want to book mark a couple pages that may hit particularly close to home.  Then, you will want to just pick this up from time to time for another chuckle - and proof that you are not alone:  not only to other people's kids do this too... but other parents also find humor in these situations.  While the target audience here is obviously new parents, I know that grandparents, aunts, uncles, preschool teachers and most anyone who spends any amount of time with toddlers will get a kick out of this too.

Reasons My Kid Is Crying
by Greg Pembroke
Three Rivers Press, 2014
208 pages
Source:  Blogging for Books in exchange for honest review


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