Thursday, September 11, 2014

Book Review: "Let's Get Lost" by Adi Alsaid

Let's Get Lost tells the story of 4 different teens from different parts of the country who have a run-in with Leila.  Leila seems to pop up in just the right moment for them and changes their lives for the better.  But who is Leila?  Why is she driving all over the country?  What is she really looking for and can she find it?

I knew nothing about this book, really, except that I was seeing it everywhere due to an incredible advertising campaign by the publisher.  As I started reading, I could see that this is not a 'typical' YA novel in its structure; rather it is more like five short stories that happen sequentially and have Leila as the common link.  The first four stories are told from the "other" point of view (ie: whomever it is that is interacting with Leila at this point) and the fifth is Leila's.  Let me just emphasize how much I liked this way of telling the story...  It is different and while some of the actions within the short stories are not terribly inventive, it all really worked together for me and I was digging it.

Until the last chapter that is.  The very last chapter in the book dropped a huge brick of cheese right there that got all over me and ruined it.  This is the perfect book to just let things go a little unanswered, allow the reader to ponder the great possibilities that Leila now has after going through everything she has gone through on her trip (and why she was on her trip).... but no.  Of course there is that one thing that the reader was going to hope for or assume was going to happen somehow...  but it didn't need to actually happen right there and then in such a cliched way!  It obviously got seriously under my skin, and I'm sorry about that.  But I hate to be so profoundly disappointed when there was so much going for it up until that point.

Let's Get Lost
by Adi Alsaid
HarlequinTeen, 2014
338 pages
Source:  Library



Amber Elise said...

Ewww cheese! :p

I hadn't heard much about this one, but I like the structure style.

And now I HAVE to know what the ending is!
Amber Elise @ Du Livre

Aarti said...

Oh, no! I hate when the ending of a book can leave a bad taste in your mouth. That happened with me and Boy, Snow, Bird.

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