Monday, September 29, 2014

Book Review: "Something Real" by Heather Demetrios

17 year old Bonnie Baker has grown up on television - literally.  She, her twelve siblings and her parents were the stars of the long-running hit reality show Baker's Dozen.  However, since the show was cancelled 4 years ago, Bonnie has done her best to become anonymous.  She's changed her name, changed her appearance and flies under the radar at her public high school.  Just as she is starting to feel comfortable with having real friends (who have no idea about her past), not to mention actually talking to the boy she's had a crush on, Bonnie's world gets upended again when the cameras show up in her home.  Her parents have signed on for another season without giving Bonnie any warning.  Suddenly Bonnie needs to confront the events that cancelled the show four years ago while trying to keep any semblance of a normal, real life - the life that isn't allowed on reality TV.

This came highly recommended to me and I am so glad I listened!  I pretty much fell in love with most of the characters here - Bonnie, her brother Benton, her love interest Patrick, Benton's boyfriend Matt, her girlfriends.....  I even ended up liking her bitchy sister Lexi.  Her parents, well, I never liked them as well as anyone associated with the show's production.  But the core group of characters are utterly fantastic!  They came together for a fresh, fun story with a bit of romance, a bit of scheming, and one incredible ending.  I'd actually say that the only thing that annoyed me were all the TM symbols all over the place, but I get that it was done to be purposefully annoying so I don't think that even really counts.  I'm looking forward to reading more from this author!

Something Real
by Heather Demetrios
Henry Holt, 2014
404 pages
Source:  Library


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