Thursday, October 16, 2014

Audio/Book Review: "A Room With A View" by E.M. Forster

It all starts with wanting a room with a view, as promised by the woman who ran the Italian pension where Lucy Honeychurch and her cousin/chaperone Miss Bartlett were staying.  It ends with a terribly frightening decision that Lucy must make regarding happiness for the rest of her life.  While staying at the Italian pension, Lucy meets the Emersons, father and son, and while she is somewhat taken with them, it is clear that the rest of her society deems them unworthy for whatever reason.  Lucy fights her attraction to the younger Emerson, George and ends up returning to her English country home.  She is subsequently courted by Cecil Vyse, who while being only sort of agreeable to Lucy, does have the approval of society.  Re-enter George into her life, and Lucy must decide between the two men and what they will mean for her future.

I listened to most of this book on audio, and I'm pretty sure that I missed some parts because of the whole "paying closer attention to the road than the audio book" thing.  Still, I rather enjoyed this book.  This really makes a point to show how silly and snobbish "high society" was, and how a rebellious way of thinking was slowing making its way into the norm - rebellious in that a woman thinking for herself might be okay if not encouraged, for example.  Miss Bartlett drove me crazy, and I think her character was a great way to help Lucy shine.

There were a couple quotes that grabbed my attention that I'd like to share:

"It is so difficult-at least, I find it difficult-to understand people who speak the truth." p. 8

 "Passion should believe itself irresistible." p. 105

A Room With A View
by E.M. Forster
Bantam, 1988.  First Published 1908
Blackstone Audiobooks, 2008
204 pages
7 CDs, 7 hr 15 min
Source:  Purchased Used, Audio from Library


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nishitak said...

This was a lovely book, although I did get annoyed at how long it took for her to make the decision.

Btw, I heard that there was a sequel to this book as well, just mentioning it here in case you are interested :)

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