Saturday, October 25, 2014

Book Review: "Candy Aisle Crafts" by Jodi Levine

Some of the most popular programs we hold at the library involve food.  People of all ages love playing with their food!  Bonus points if you can make it look beautiful or extra cute.  The author who put this book together worked for years as the craft editor for Martha Stewart Living, so I think she knows a thing or two about making food look cool.

The projects are grouped together in four sections:  hard candy, gummy candy, marshmallows, and cookies & cereal.  There are several projects per category, complete with tips, step by step instructions, and some phenomenal photography.  The materials for these projects are generally readily available in the grocery store, but just in case you are nervous there is a list in the back to help you out with some of the author's other sources.

Reading through the instructions on the projects that really caught my eye makes me feel like these are things I can actually handle.  The steps are nicely laid out, some of the projects have step by step photos, and the steps make sense.  I was really hoping to find projects in here that I could use with my teens at the library, but we don't have an oven to use so most of these projects are out.  I will try them at home with my own kids though.  There are some that I will use at the library - like some of the gummy candy and marshmallow treats will work, and I really think they will have fun with it.  Additionally, the cover has some definite appeal, and I think it will be an attractive addition to our crafty section of our collection!

Candy Aisle Crafts:  Create Fun Projects with Supermarket Sweets
by Jodi Levine
Potter Craft, 2014
112 pages
Source:  Blogging for Books in exchange for honest review


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