Thursday, November 6, 2014

Book Review: "Kiss of Broken Glass" by Madeleine Kuderick

Kenna got caught cutting herself in the school bathroom and is sent to a psychiatric hospital for mandatory observation for 72 hours.  She's upset that she got caught, she's upset at how she got caught and she's upset that she may lose the few friends she has while being locked away in the hospital.  But she's not upset that she was cutting.  She doesn't see anything wrong with it - everyone does it and she enjoys the rush.  She meets the others locked in the same institution for various reasons, some not for the first time, and she is forced to consider her actions... and what will happen when/if she gets out.

I really love novels written in verse.  The lyrical nature somehow lends itself easily to a more emotional personal response.  And this story is pure emotion as Kenna deals with her family history, her social situation, and her mental and emotional strengths and weaknesses.  This only deals with those 72 hours she is mandatorily committed to the hospital, and I really wish there was more - even if just an epilogue or something to say what happens next.

I have somehow always thought that cutting was a private addiction that was purposefully kept secret from others.  It is portrayed differently here - shared publicly (among friends) as some sort of status symbol and I find that to be incredibly scary and heartbreaking.

There are resources listed at the end of this book to help people addicted to self injury, for which I am thankful.  I hope that this opens some eyes to the dangers of cutting and encourages others to get help.

Kiss of Broken Glass
by Madeleine Kuderick
HarperTeen, 2014
206 pages
Source:  Finished Copy from a friend


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Etudesque said...

You bring up a good point - it is indeed scary when self-harm is a status symbol and romanticized. Even the beautiful title of the book is very reflective of this.

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