Thursday, December 11, 2014

Book Review: "Half Bad" by Sally Green

Nathan has lived his whole sixteen years being treated as less-than or hated by everyone outside his family (and even by some of his family).  His is a half code because his mother was a White Witch and his father is a Black Witch.  Not just any Black Witch mind you, just the deadliest, most dangerous, most hated Black Witch who ever was - Marcus.  The Council of White Witches would love to get him for once and all, and Nathan is convinced the only reason that he himself hasn't been killed yet is because the Council wants to use him as bait to get Marcus.  As Nathan becomes increasingly tormented and tortured, the White Witches plan becomes clear - Nathan isn't to be bait, he is being trained to kill Marcus.

Oh WOW.  This book is SO GOOD!  I was hooked instantly and had trouble putting this down.  Nathan is just such a perfectly imperfect main character.  He is flawed and vulnerable and I cannot wait for the next book in this series to come out so I can see what happens next!

Nathan is not the only great character here - he comes across a few others that are interesting in their own right.  The whole world that has been created here is familiar but curiously strange at the same time.  I mean, it is set in contemporary England, but the rules made for the existence of witches make sense in our world. even though it is set apart.  Its hard to explain, mostly because I'm still figuring out what I like in the fantasy genre and I don't really know how to talk intelligently about it yet.  In simple words, I really liked how this was constructed, loved the characters, and the pacing worked well for me.  So glad I read this!

Embarrassing side note:  I have loved this cover from first time I saw it, but let's not talk about how long it took for me to see the face.

Half Bad
by Sally Green
Viking, 2014
394 pages
Series:  Half Bad #1
Source:  Purchased New


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