Monday, December 22, 2014

Book Review: "The Scorch Trials" by James Dashner

We pick up immediately where The Maze Runner left off, except the Gladers have not been happily and safely rescued after all.  Their world gets turned right upside down again and they cannot trust anything or anyone.  They learn that they are to endure Phase 2 of the Trials, called The Scorch Trials, or they will all die.  They have no options as they have all been infected with The Flare, the virus that drives a person insane until they die, and only by passing the Scorch Trials will they get the cure.  Also, there is a second group of Gladers, a group of girls who survived their Maze, and this group's mission is to kill Thomas.

Giddy up readers, this is going to be another wild ride where the stakes are high, survival is a must but not guaranteed, and the mind games from WICKED, the group running this whole show, will rock you.

Again, Dashner has created another intense survival/adventure story that will continue to appeal to teens, especially boys.  However, this falls into the dread second-in-a-trilogy blah category.  The thing is that the first book was intense and crazy and I loved it.  So much happened, questions were raised and some answered and you really felt like something was accomplished in the book.  Here, I feel like the same questions are still lingering and while many things did happen - and yes, it was exciting - it just didn't really mean anything.  It was just more crazy stuff for the sake of being crazy and torturing these characters....  but we didn't learn anything from it.  [Spoiler Alert] There was one major twist set up toward the end, and we are TOLD that it is a twist and a charade, but Thomas doesn't trust in this information and begins to doubt everything - which just makes me question his intelligence after all this time.  I think I was meant to feel bad for Thomas, but I didn't.[End Spoiler]

I am going to have to read the last book in the series now, because I still want those questions answered.   I don't think I'm alone in that.

The Scorch Trials
by James Dashner
Ember, 2011.  First published 2010
360 pages
Series:  The Maze Runner #2
Source:  Library

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