Monday, March 23, 2015

Audio Book Review: "Revolver" by Marcus Sedgwick

14 year old Sig is left alone in his family's tiny shack of a house, 6 miles from the nearest town, with his father's dead body when there is a knock at the door.  A giant man with a menacing look about him asks for Sig's father, and Sig isn't sure what to do.  The man, Wolff, enters the house to wait.... and Sig hopes his older sister and step-mother come back soon.  Especially when Wolff starts demanding the gold that he insists Sig's father had stolen from him while brandishing his gun.....

I expected dark and gritty, but I underestimated the psychological aspect of this mystery/thriller/suspense novel.  Sig is clearly very young and innocent and is forced to grow up quickly in order to survive this ordeal.  There is brutal violence as part of this story, as is the case when guns are involved.

This story takes place in two settings; the first when Sig is 5 years old and the family lives in Nome, Alaska and then when Sig is 14 years old and they are in Giron, Sweden.  The harsh, cold landscape adds to the brutal nature of this story and is part of how these characters are so strong and brave.

I did enjoy the audio book; the narrator has a clear voice and uses effective accents for the different characters.  Overall though, I'd have to say that I thought the book was okay, but I didn't love it.  It certainly is different from what I usually read, but the ending - while exciting and certainly clever - wrapped up a little too neatly for my taste.  I would give this to 8th-11th grade teens who enjoy a good survival story and aren't afraid of psychological thrillers or gruesome scenes involving gun violence,

by Marcus Sedgwick
Roaring Book Press, 2009
Narrated by Peter Berkrot
Brilliance Audio, 2010
204 pages / 3 audio discs
Source:  Library


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