Monday, March 16, 2015

Book Review: "Death Marked" by Leah Cypess

Ileni has left the Assassin's Caves and is now at the Academy - right in the heart of the Empire.  She needs to see the truth of the Empire for herself, before she'll agree to be the weapon used by the Assassins (and Sorin) to bring the Empire down.  But being in the Academy is giving her access and use of the powerful magic that she misses so much.  Even when she knows the truth of where the magic comes from, she still uses it and worse - enjoys it.  Will she be what the Assassins need her to be to further their cause?  Or will she betray the Assassins (and Sorin) to stand with the Empire and keep the magic flowing through her?

This is supposed to be the conclusion to the story that began in Death Sworn, a novel I quite enjoyed.  However, it doesn't quite feel like an ending.  I was actually kind of disappointed in this, really, because it just seemed to go on and on with Ileni going back and forth between two options that somehow didn't matter much to me anymore.  She makes friends (I guess) with three other students, but I never felt a connection between them at all.  Honestly, at one point Ileni is leaning toward helping the Assassins and says she wants to save these three and all I could wonder was why?  I could almost understand the feeling toward one of them (and that was kind of a stretch), but the other two made absolutely no sense at that point.

Then after so much ho-hum not much of anything too exciting going on, this crazy action packed conclusion just sort of happens.  But it doesn't really conclude everything.  I mean the back cover even says "The astonishing conclusion to Death Sworn", but it really feels like it is still leaving the door open for another book.  Too bad if that is the case though, because I'm done (not with the author - but with this world/characters.)

Death Marked
by Leah Cypess
Greenwillow, 2015
400 pages
Series;  Death Sworn #2
Source;  Gifted finished copy


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