Monday, March 2, 2015

Graphic Novel Review: "Adrian and the Tree of Secrets" by Hubert

Oh, Adrian.  He's a sad, lonely boy who lives with his overbearing strict mother and goes to a super strict Catholic School.  He has been daydreaming about Jeremy, one of the cool kids... and by chance gets to know him a little bit.  One thing leads to another secret thing, and well...  word gets out and that isn't good for anyone.

I really had high hopes for this one.  The art is really beautiful and I know I saw a good review of it in one of the journals.  Aside from being a little choppy and confusing in the set up, I was enjoying getting to know Adrian and Jeremy.  I thought it was going to a completely different place.  Well, it didn't.  The end panels were a complete and total disappointment.  I shut the book with a "WTF?".

I do think this could serve as a bit of a reflection for some teens, but I'd really rather this be a kick off for a conversation or something.  It definitely illustrates the very real issue of gay teens turning to suicide after feeling isolated by their community.  But it just doesn't go far enough.  Also, I understand that this is translated from the French, but the title is also a bit of a stretch.  It implies more than there is... and I wish there were more.

Adrian and the Tree of Secrets
by Hubert
Arsenal Pulp Press, 2014
124 pages
Source:  Library


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