Thursday, May 28, 2015

Book Review: "Anything Could Happen" by Will Walton

Tretch is a high school freshman somewhere in the south, and he is coming to terms about his personal truth.  He is realizing that he is in love with his best friend Matt.  Matt, who has two dads, but is himself very straight.  It is an impossible situation for Tretch, and it hurts every time he sees Matt with the girl he's crushing on, Amy.  Over this Christmas break from school, Tretch is thinking more and more about what is important as family issues arise as well.  As he accepts his personal truth, he wonders if he is brave enough to share it with anyone - or if by not telling, he is protecting them in some way.

I don't think I expected the characters to be so young when I first picked up this book.  I had a general sense of what the book was about, but I somehow still pictured the more common 16-17 year old teen protagonist.  I really liked that Tretch is 14-15.  The writing fits perfectly with that age and level of experience.  After all, isn't that about the time in your life when you first start really thinking about love and dating?  So it makes sense that for Tretch, his first thoughts in this area are about Matt - his best friend who thinks about constantly.  It is all so natural...  and hopeless.  Tretch knows this, but he still wants to hang onto any hope that anything could happen.  But the best thing that could happen is that it is all going to be okay.  That's all any of us can hope for.

Anything Could Happen
by Will Walton
Push, 2015
281 pages
Source:  Publisher for honest review


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