Thursday, May 7, 2015

Graphic Novel Review: "Make Me a Woman" by Vanessa Davis

This graphic memoir chronicles the life of the author/artist Vanessa Davis.  It talks about growing up Jewish and what that has meant to her, moving from her home state of Florida to New York City and then to California, and also just life as a single twenty-something.

I picked this one up because it is a graphic memoir, and I tend to really like those... but also the title & cover.  It just looked like this would be different.

And the art is very different, but it is very busy and hard for me to follow at times.  There are sketches from her diary worked in as well which sometimes stand on their own, others they seem well drawn but missing context.

There are some passages though that are a bit longer than others, and those start to tell a part of Davis's story.  But it always just kind of felt like a start.   I never really felt satisfied with what was told.  It looked as if some of it was meant to be funny, but I unfortunately did not find it so.  Honestly, this was dangerously close to being a "DNF", but I stuck it out anyway.  Not sure that was my best idea.  And in the time since I finished this book, I've wondered who is this book for?  I still don't think I can answer that question, perhaps it is just as simple as someone that is not me?  A different woman?  Someone with different background?  I really don't know.

Make Me a Woman
by Vanessa Davis
Drawn & Quarterly, 2010
176 pages
Source:  Library


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