Thursday, June 4, 2015

Book Review: "Send Me a Sign" by Tiffany Schmidt

Its the summer before senior year, and Mia is ready to live it up with her 3 best friends.  She's got a fun little flirty casual hook up thing going with Ryan, the super cute and popular soccer & basketball star and cheer camp is just a few weeks away.  And then it happens.  A doctor's visit for some seemingly unimportant bruises and fevers turns into a diagnosis of leukemia.  Afraid to let her friends see her in a less-than-perfect state, she decides to keep it a secret and only let Gyver, her best friend from next door, in on the truth.  As her treatment progresses, Mia feels pressures from everywhere, and confusing/conflicting thoughts about Ryan and Gyver and thanks to her lies - she feels completely disconnected from her best friends.  Its overwhelming, and all Mia wants is a sign to show her what to do next....

So here are my thoughts - it is a cancer book.  But I feel like it handles the cancer part of it really well.  There are lots of medical details, but doesn't get bogged down by them.  The characters are really well-developed...  I loved both Ryan and Gyver.  They are both really good for Mia for different reasons, and even though I was kinda pulling more for one than the other - I really started getting annoyed with the going back and forth between them.  That said, it really is as much a part of Mia's story as her illness.  I also found it very interesting that in this case, the parents were not trying to get their kid to date the neighbor kid - even though the parents are close friends too.  Not a big deal or anything, just something I noticed.  My paperback edition also had a small blurb set a little bit after the story ends, just to help a bit with closure which I enjoyed as well.

Give this to teens who like cancer books or sad/hopeful books and a good love story.  While I don't love the love triangle thing, it is nice to have two decent options to choose from.

Send Me a Sign
by Tiffany Schmidt
Walker, 2012
383 pages
Source:  purchased new


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