Monday, July 20, 2015

Book Review: "My Life Next Door" by Huntley Fitzpatrick

Samantha Reed has always been fascinated by the Garrett family next door.  They are the exact opposite of her family.  Where she has only her mother and older sister; they have a mom, dad and eight children.  Where her mom wants everything neat and tidy (even going so far as to vacuum a clean room every day), the Garretts are messy and leave the children's toys out in their own backyard.  Samantha's mother has a trust fund and works as an elected official, where the Garretts have their own hardware store but maybe not quite enough money to go around all the time.  Samantha loves to watch the Garretts from her secret perch on her roof outside her bedroom window.  It is her private escape until one night, Jase Garrett climbs the trellis and enters her life.  She keeps him secret, knowing that her mother would disapprove, and all goes well until an accident changes everything.

This story is not without its flaws, I mean, how did Samantha and Jase live next door to each other for ten years and not once say hi?  But whatever, that's kind of the least of it.  I liked Jase's family and they way they talked with one another.  That translated well to how Jase and Samantha communicate as their relationship progresses.  I thought this book handled a young couple's first sexual experience really really well.  I don't know how true to life it is (certainly wasn't like that for me), but it is an ideal that I would hope teens would look up to and maybe try to emulate.  Possible wishful thinking on my part, but hey.  Tim is an interesting character and I am really looking forward to the companion book that features him as the main character!  It's called The Boy Most Likely To and is due in August.  But I'm mostly sad about how things were left regarding Samantha and her best friend (Tim's twin) Nan.  It doesn't seem right the way that went down.  Anyway, this is a good love story, but has more to do with trying to do the right thing no matter what it may cost you or the ones you love.

My Life Next Door
by Huntley Fitzpatrick
Dial, 2012
394 pages
Series:  My Life Next Door #1
Source:  Purchased New


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