Thursday, August 6, 2015

Book Review: "Jesse's Girl" by Miranda Kenneally

It's Shadow Day for the Hundred Oaks Seniors, where the students get to shadow someone working in the real world - doing what they'd like to do.  Maya Henry never thought that when she said she wanted to be a rock star that her school would set her up to shadow a real music star.  Not just any one either, but none other than Jesse Scott, the 18 year old country music star.  Things don't start out so well - considering Jesse is only used to people wanting to know him for their own selfish ulterior motives, and Maya is a little gun shy about letting her guard down as well.  But they both have things to learn...  and who knows what might happen?

Ok, so that was the worst/cheesiest question to ask.  Because if you've read any of Miranda Kenneally's books, you know exactly what might happen.....  and that is why you are reading these books.  Personally, I love them.  You know what you're in for - a sweet romantic story with good friends, a strong female character and a swoony male character.  It is a perfect happy read.

The bonus here is that it is part of the Hundred Oaks series.  If you've been reading along, Maya is Sam Henry's younger sister - only she's seventeen now.  Sam and Jordan are side characters here, and it is fun to get a glimpse into what they are up to now.  The thing that bothers me is that of all these books, I read Breathe, Annie Breathe out of order - that was the book that immediately precedes this one.  And while I do realize that this really and truly does not make a difference in the general story... now that I've gotten to know them all - I need to go back and revisit that book.

Jesse's Girl
by Miranda Kenneally
Sourcebooks Fire, 2015
287 pages
Series:  Hundred Oaks #6
Source:  Purchased New


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