Saturday, August 15, 2015

Book Review: "Our Souls at Night" by Kent Haruf

One afternoon, Addie Moore walks down the block to Louis Waters' house.  They don't know each other well, but as they have both lived in this small Colorado town for decades - they know enough about each other.  Addie and Louis are both widowed, and have each been alone for quite some time.  Their children have moved away, and they have each been going about their business...  getting through each day.  Which is why it was unusual for Addie to go visit Louis in the first place.  Even more unusual is the reason why.  She has a proposition for him - would he like to come by and spend the night?  Not for sex...  but just so they wouldn't be alone anymore.  So they could have someone to talk to in the night.

This is such a sweet story, simply told about being older and feeling lonely.  There is kind of an unofficial rule that once you reach a certain point in life - that's it...  you are who you are, the habits you've formed will always be your habits and you are not allowed to change.  But Addie wasn't happy or satisfied and so she broke the mold.  As Louis said, she was brave.  They made it a point to not care when the townspeople began to talk (and they did begin to talk).  They stood up for themselves when their children got wind of their relationship.  And how lovely a relationship...  because really, those nighttime conversations with the one who shares your bed are really the best, most intimate conversations you ever have, aren't they?  That intimacy is a comfort and I love that these two managed to find that - even if in a bit of an unconventional way.

I really wish that I had the time to have read this in one or two sittings.  This summer has just been crazy (in a good way).  But even if I only had a few moments to read at night, I did enjoy coming to the quiet simpleness of this book.  So, really, maybe I'm thankful I got to stretch this slim book out over several nights then?

Our Souls at Night
by Kent Haruf
Knopf, 2015
179 pages
Source:  Library


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