Monday, August 3, 2015

Graphic Novel Review: "Thor: The Goddess of Thunder" by Jason Aaron

In a new Thor story (which has blown by son's mind, by the way - in a good way), we find that the Thor that we have always known and loved is no longer worthy of the hammer.  With Malekith and the Frost Giants working under an alliance to attack Midgard (Earth), the future looks bleak.  However, there must always be a Thor, and we see a hand reach down and lift Mjolnir.  The hand belongs to a woman, whose identity remains secret (although becomes apparent that she knows Thor).  Can she wield the hammer?  Yes.  Yes she can.

I love that this story has turned the Thor story line on its head.  Odin, Freyja, even the common enemies just don't know what to do about this Goddess of Thunder.  The only one who seems to accept this new reality is Thor himself, who goes so far as to give her his name - calling himself Odinson now.  Others seem to come around - but it looks like there will be trouble in the future from Asgardia.

But who is she?  Who is Thor, Goddess of Thunder?  Odinson creates a list of possibilities - with some thought provoking possibilities.  Even though he accepts that she wields the hammer, he still wants to know who she is.  And really, we all do.

Thor: The Goddess of Thunder
by Jason Aaron
Marvel, 2015
136 pages
Collects #1-5
Source:  Library


2 comments: said...

I really want to read a comic book. I was recently told to check out some of the female leads in DC's The New 52. I've heard great things about this one too! Ugh so many options.

Sarah Reads Too Much said...

Geoff - the new Batgirl is awesome!

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