Thursday, September 10, 2015

Book Review: "A Little in Love" by Susan E. Fletcher

If you know anything at all about Les Miserables, then you know Eponine.  This is her story as told from her point of view.  We start with her living in the inn at Montfermeil, and end at the Battle of the Barricades, with her in Marius's arms before he goes off to find his beloved Cosette.  She talks of her parents forcing her into thievery, her moral dilemmas in following their wishes, and her thoughts about love.

I love Les Mis with all my heart.  And I say this without having finished the actual book yet (my copy is from the late 1800s, and I am halfway into the third book).  I've seen several stage adaptations, and even watched the recent movie (though I didn't like that as much).  Everything you need to know about Eponine, you can figure out from her solo "On My Own".  That song makes me bawl my eyes out for her.  Eponine is a tragic character... and I was so excited to see this book come to explore her character a little more!

However, this fell more than a little flat for me.  It just didn't seem to get very deep with the characters at all...  Her parents were kind of like caricatures of the originals... Eponine herself should have made me feel a little bit sad, but I just didn't really even get sad.  This is really a very simplified fanficiton-esque  play on a masterpiece and as such, I found it disappointing.  Also, the book design is gorgeous.  I love that cover, and the inside is broken into books (like the original) with lovely flower illustrations.  The chapters are generally pretty short and there is a lot of white space on the pages.  As it is, this is 277 pages - but I think the text is really much shorter than that.  I just there was more to this book, and I feel like the space to really do that was wasted.

I'm very curious to see what someone unfamiliar with Les Miserables might think about it?

A Little in Love
by Susan E. Fletcher
Chicken House, 2015
277 pages
Source:  Publisher for honest review


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