Sunday, November 29, 2015

Book Review: "The Boy Most Likely To" by Huntley Fitzpatrick

Oh, Tim.  Tim the charming recovering alcoholic high school drop out who just has the worst timing ever for everything.  We fell for him as a side character in My Life Next Door, but now we see him take center stage as he figures out the next stage of his life... after he is kicked out of his house and moves into the Garrett's over-the-garage apartment.  He's struggling for sure, and then the other shoe drops - an unexpected former classmate shows up on his doorstep with some news that changes everything.

Oh, Alice.  Jase Garrett's older sister is taking everything on.  Her father is still in the hospital, so she's doing more than her share around the house for her pregnant mother and all the younger siblings.  She's put her dream school on hold, and is trying not stress out over the state of the family's finances.  Tim's constant flirtations, and his constant just being there start to have an affect on Alice...  maybe she can let her guard down just a little?

Overall, I did like this book.  I liked going back to Stony Brook and the Garrett family.  I liked Tim and Alice.  But I really had to work to suspend belief when it came to the big surprise from the past.

**Spoilers start here**

This supposed drunken one night stand shows up with a baby and says its Tim's.  The way this all goes down initially, and then after that just seemed so wacky and not likely to really happen.  Tim doesn't deny anything and doesn't take (or demand) a paternity test because "he's not that guy."  I don't think asking questions and wanting a little proof in this situation makes you a bad guy.  It makes you a smart one.  And the whole waiting months before really starting an adoption process?  I didn't get that at all.  Maybe I'm misunderstanding how that process really works - I've never gone through it or had need to investigate it - but it just seemed strange to me.

**Spoilers end here**

The bottom line is that I enjoyed this mostly for the romantic story line because I wanted to believe in that.  I forced myself to overlook other problematic (to me) things in order to enjoy that story line.  So with that, it was an okay read but I enjoyed My Life Next Door a lot more.

The Boy Most Likely To
by Huntley Fitzpatrick
Dial Books, 2015
425 pages
Series:  My Life Next Door #2
Source:  Library


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