Monday, November 30, 2015


I feel like Andi at was reading my mind when I read her post today.  Seriously.  For the past month or so, I have been finding myself staring at the books on my "TBR Bookcase" and wondering why I haven't read them yet.  Those books are shelved double deep, and some have been there for four years or more.  So what is my problem?  I keep buying shiny new books and reading those first.  Or I get the shiny new books from the library and read those first instead.

I had been tossing around this idea of just not buying new books until I cleared off some space on this bookcase.  I mentioned this to my friend a couple weeks ago - while standing in the middle of a bookstore, my arms struggling to hold on to all the precious books I was about to buy - and she pretty much laughed at me, but from a good place.  She recognizes what I want to do, but just not buying books for x amount of time just isn't going to cut it.

So I started looking around for challenges for 2016.  I was bummed to hear that Adam at was not going to host his TBR challenge next year (and for the very best reason - he's working on his PhD dissertation!) and I just wasn't feeling the others I had found.  Then I read Andi's post and it just clicked with me.  I'm just going to set my own rules and do this thing - I'm going to #ReadMyOwnDamnBooks next year.  Screw it - I'm starting December 1st and will go for 13 months.

My current bookcase has 117 books on it, but there are at least 10 books that I want to reread as well.  I actually thought the book count was going to be higher!  So that's good, I guess.  Of course I didn't count the books on my e-reader.  I have absolutely no idea how many books are on there...  but I'll try to read those as well.  It just makes sense, really.

Here are my rules:

  • Read (or reread) My Own Damn Books.  
  • Borrow library books when I need to mix in some newer titles - and especially comics/graphic novels.  Don't go overboard.
  • I can only purchase half as many books as I have read since the last time I went shopping.  (So if I don't go book shopping until February, but read 8 of my books - I can buy 4 books.  But if I go shopping 2 weeks later and had only read 2 more books - I can only buy 1.  No carry-overs).
I know that I will always have an overflowing bookcase, but I really want to focus on what is already there at this point.  I also have my Classics Club deadline coming up in just over a year from now and a lot of those books are on my shelves already.  

Wish me luck!  Feel free to join in as well!  



Geoff said...

I love this! It reminds me of the year when Heather from Between the Covers did the "Reading whatever the F#ck I want" challenge. I will say that the caveat about book buying seems dangerous ;) Good Luck!

Carol N Wong said...

There is another TBR challenge! The Double Dog Dare Challenge, I can't remember the blogger who has it. I did last year and will sign up for 2016. It is not for the whole year so it is easier to do. I started with 425 books before I found that challenge and now I am down to 227 books so I am happy. I am trying to get my TBR pile reduced so I have less to move when we move. I sell them or give them away.

Andi said...

Huzzah! Glad you're in. We can DO THIS!

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