Friday, December 4, 2015

Book Review: "Things No One Will Tell Fat Girls" by Jes Baker

Now this is not something I would typically pick up, but I had read something about it somewhere and was intrigued. This is an inspiring, funny, hopeful, and honest discussion on what it means to live with a body positive attitude.  More than that, the author shares a bit of history on how society norms have changed through time, and who really benefits from making people of all sizes feel as though they are not enough based on how they look.

The thing is, despite the title, this isn't just for females who identify themselves as fat.  This book speaks to all gender identities and to all sizes.  Most chapters even end with a guest essay that contributes another perspective to how to be body positive.  I thought that these were a great addition to the book.

The author is also a blogger (though I need to admit that I am not familiar with her blog).  She has a particularly casual and snarky tone to her writing that she has clearly honed with her blog.  This tone serves to make the topics very accessible... though it felt a little over the top after a bit.

Personally, reading this has really got me thinking more about myself and how I think about my body.  I don't consider myself fat, but I do know that I would feel better if I lost a few pounds.  I even joined a gym a couple months ago.  Getting some exercise a few times a week makes me feel good (and helps me sleep better) and lifting some weights makes me feel stronger.  But I am not living a completely body positive life though.  I still hate the way I look in photos that show more than my face, and I hate bathing suit shopping.  So I still have some work to do.  But now I feel like I have a few more tools to work with.

Things No One Will Tell Fat Girls
by Jes Baker
Seal Press, 2015
258 pages
Source:  Purchased New


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Andi said...

I'd be totally into reading this. I am fat (and have come to terms with the word), and I'm also fairly body positive and enjoy reading and watching things about body positivity in general. This one goes on the wishlist.

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