Wednesday, December 23, 2015

#Emma200th - Looking at Volume Two of Emma by Jane Austen

For thoughts on Volume One, click HERE.

So I apologize...  I suppose it isn't a unique problem, but I having trouble finding time to read lately so this is taking me longer to work through than I anticipated.  However, the fact that this is taking me awhile shouldn't be interpreted as me having trouble with it, or that I'm disliking it or anything like that.  In fact, I'm really enjoying it!

This volume starts out with Mr. Elton leaving town after Emma refuses him.  Not long after he leaves, word comes back that he is now engaged to be married!  Its crazy how fast engagements happen in these novels.  ANYWAY, Emma is going crazy with all the town talk of Elton - not to mention Harriet.  BUT relief comes in the form on Miss Jane Fairfax and Mr. Frank Churchill who each arrive separately in town for visits.  Fairfax brings with her the chance for gossip regarding her relations with the Campbell/Dixon families as well as her future situation... and Emma loves gossip!  Churchill comes and brings a different kind of joy to Emma...  and once he leaves, she wonders if she doesn't love him a little.

What is really interesting is Emma's reaction to Mrs. Weston's suggestion that Mr. Knightly might be paired with Fairfax.  I feel like we don't really see too much of Knightly in this volume...  but this is a big moment for Emma, and I don't think she realizes it.  Then, we are introduced to the new Mrs. Elton, and what an impression she makes!  Her self-important dialogue is so fun to read - not to mention Emma's reaction to her!  Can't wait to see what happens with her!  Another character that I'm really enjoying is Mr. Woodhouse.  He is hilarious!  He is so delightfully pessimistic, and everyone around him plays to him!  Oh, and Miss Bates too.... I almost forgot about her!  She's a hoot!

OK... on to Volume Three!



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