Monday, February 15, 2016

Book Review: "Murder on the Orient Express" by Agatha Christie

It should be an easy case...  passengers are trapped on the train in a snowstorm and no one is able to get on or off the train just about the same time that a man is murdered in his sleeping compartment.  One of the passengers must be the murderer, right?  But who?  When?  Why?  These questions prove much more difficult for famed detective M. Hercule Poirot to answer.  And let us not forget that there is a murderer on the train.

My god, Agatha Christie was a genius, wasn't she?  Again, I was getting a little confused by the long list of characters/suspects.  I was fairly certain I knew whodunit, and nope.  I couldn't have imagined how it really happened, how it played out, and the why.  The why is a big one.

One thing that was a little surprising to me was the blatant ethnic stereotypes that were thrown around.  That it must have been the Italian because they are known to stab people.  Or it couldn't have been the Brit because they would never show that much emotion.  Its only comical until you think that it was probably more accurate than one would like to admit.  (By that I mean the way people thought, not that the stereotypes were true!!)   I also really wanted Poirot to at least look over some pieces of evidence for, I don't know, a stray hair or something.  But this was before CSI and all that.

In any event, this was an fantastic mystery that clearly kept me guessing all the way through.  I look forward to more Agatha Christie... and there is plenty out there to read!

Murder on the Orient Express 
by Agatha Christie
Harper, 2011.  First published 1934.
315 pages
Source:  Used book


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Geoff said...

I really enjoyed it when I read it. And I remember thinking that about the ethnic stereotypes. It was a different time and they got away with saying so much more. I now wonder when the PC censors will come for books like this!

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