Monday, March 21, 2016

Book Review: "Library of Souls" by Ransom Riggs #weirdathon

This conclusion to the Miss Peregrine's series finds us exactly where the previous book, Hollow City left off.  Jacob and Emma are trying desperately to find not only Miss Peregrine, but also all of their friends who were just taken by Caul and the wights.  This adventure brings them to Devil's Acre, a nasty slum of peculiar cast offs where they meet some new allies, learn more about their foes, and Jacob discovers more about his peculiar ability.

I chose this book to read during this month's #weirdathon because the vintage photos Riggs uses throughout the novel are just that - weird.  This time though, they aren't so much helping to tell the story as become more the novelty that they are.  They are still weird and cool and unusual, but the narrative builds up to the unveiling of the photo too much now.  Don't get me wrong - I still believe this was an incredibly clever way to tell the story and I am glad that he did this.  But, yeah.

Jacob and Emma's adventure is action packed and intense.  There were certain sections that were non-stop page turning for me.  I think some of the scenes could have been cut though.  It all seemed to go on a little too long - especially the ending.  I feel like Riggs might love his characters and this story so much that he didn't really want it to end just yet!  He really needed to get it all out of him.  And if that is the case, how about a prequel?  A little something from Jacob's grandfather's time with Miss Peregrine perhaps?

In any event, I am very glad to have read this series but will say that the first book was undoubtedly the best.  As is often the case in trilogies, the last book is my least favorite but still worth reading.

Library of Souls
by Ransom Riggs
Quirk, 2015
458 pages
Series:  Miss Peregrine #3
Source:  Purchased New


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