Monday, March 28, 2016

Book Review: "The Total Package" by Stephanie Evanovich

Tyson Palmer had hit bottom.  He had risen so far so fast in the NFL, that it was almost inevitable.  The booze, the painkillers, the women...  But just before everything really hit the fan, he had one last drunken night with a girl.  Not just any girl, but the one he had called Ella Bella when she tutored him in college.  He was an unbelievable a-hole and he broke her heart.  But now it is four years later; Tyson has cleaned up and is back at the top of his game.  Ella Bella now goes by Dani Carr and is the top female sportscaster for the league.  She does her best to avoid Tyson, but the fact that he doesn't even remember their night together hurts even more.  When they are thrown together for work...  Tyson can't figure out why Dani hates him so much, and she can't deny that she still loves him.  There's just one small matter that needs to be acknowledged and Dani isn't sure she's ready to let her secret be known.

This starts off showing Tyson in a really bad place.  Like so bad, I started to wonder if I would even be able to like him as he was clearly the male lead here.  But he does redeem himself, and I found that I did like him quite a bit.  He may have toed the too-good-to-be-possible line, but I'll allow it.  Dani was an interesting character too.  Besides the humiliating heartbreak she suffered, she really worked hard to reach a level of success as a woman in a man's field professionally.  She has an awesome family to support her, which is very important to her, but she was still somehow missing Tyson.  I had a little trouble accepting that...  but I can see it.  She made her questionable choices, but not all the faults lie with Tyson.

The Total Package is really that.  You've got two great main characters who are trying to be better and do right by the other.  There is heartbreak and humor throughout.  Sexy-times and touching moments as well.  It was a nice light read for me while still keeping me invested in the story right through the very satisfying conclusion.  I recommend this to all contemporary romance fans!

My sincere thanks to TLC Book Tours for providing me with a copy of this book!

The Total Package
by Stephanie Evanovich
William Morrow, 2016
256 pages
Source:  TLC Book Tours


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Looks like there is a lot to love in this total package!

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