Thursday, May 5, 2016

Book Review: "Forever... " by Judy Blume

Katherine meets Michael at a New Year's Eve party, and it wasn't long before they were dating.  Because he went to another school and lived in another town, they only really saw each other on weekends and had many phone conversations during the week.  Things got very serious and just knew they would be together forever.

This book deals very frankly and openly about Katherine and Michael's budding sexual relationship.  A co-worker actually described it as being quite textbook-like in the way it deals with sex and describing a few different situations that Katherine and Michael experience.  As it is so open in this way, this book has been challenged for years and years (it was first published in 1975).  Teenagers wondering about sex?  Gasp!

The book does an excellent job of taking some of that mystery away.  These characters discuss the idea of having sex before they actually do it, the wait until they are both ready, and they take proper precautions.  All good.  Unfortunately, in doing this so well - the elements of character development and actual story are not really developed.  Its really too bad, because on top of the outdated references, I don't think teens would stick with this book until the end.  I think that historically speaking, this is a very important book but it just isn't holding up to the test to time.  Blume is so well known and admired that perhaps a few will still pick it up... but, that's about it.

by Judy Blume
Antheneum, 2002.  First published 1975.
199 pages
Source:  Purchased Used


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