Monday, May 2, 2016

Book Review: "Hamilton the Revolution" (or #Hamiltome) by Lin-Manuel Miranda and Jeremy McCarter

You knew I wasn't going to let this one get by me.  Yes, I preordered this and yes, I may have jumped up and down a little when it arrived at my house.  It came about a week after I saw the show in New York, and I think I was still a little high from the experience.  That said, I savored every page and read it very slowly.

This is the full libretto, that is to say the lyrics and stage direction as written by Lin.  It also has all of his footnotes in which he talks about a certain passage and shares the inside jokes from the stage, a story of where or how it was written or what may have been the inspiration.  In between each song, or maybe I should say introducing each song is an essay that talks more in depth about how the show was developed, the key players in the development and the actors who helped create the roles.

I was clearly very much in awe of this story and the show before reading this book.  Of course now I just want to see the show again.  (Well, I wanted to see it again as soon as I walked out of the theater...  but...  yeah.  I still do.)  This book has helped me understand more of the technical details that went into making this show all that it is.  Oh and the photography!  The photos are absolutely beautiful.  The entire book is in full color and shows scenes from the stage, scenes from backstage, and more.  Its all printed on heavy stock paper, not glossy paper, so even though it is also over-sized, it isn't super heavy.  It's a must have for fans of the show, but a fun book to flip through if you're merely curious about it all.

Hamilton the Revolution
by Lin-Manuel Miranda and Jeremy McCarter
Grand Central Publishing, 2016.
288 pages
Source:  Purchased new



Beth said...

After listening to this album on repeat for the past week I've realized I have to get this! I am so jealous you got to see it live... I can only dream of catching it on the west coast next year! Thanks for sharing :)

Sarah Reads Too Much said...

I hope you get to see it!

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