Thursday, May 12, 2016

Book Review: "Thanks for the Trouble" by Tommy Wallach

Parker is at one of the fancy hotels downtown, doing his thing (stealing from unsuspecting guests instead of being in school) when he first sees Zelda.  She is a beautiful girl with silver hair who looks like she's about his age, maybe older.  What stands out to Parker though, is that she has a look on her face that can only be described as "perfect sadness".  He steals from her purse when she leaves her table for a moment, but accidentally leaves behind his notebook - his main form of communication since he lost the ability to speak.  He'd have let it go, but the beautiful girl is reading his notebook, and is no doubt reading the story he'd just written that was inspired by her.  He goes back to her, and what comes next is a weekend that changes his life.

I have heard next to nothing about this book, but was fascinated by the cover and bought it on an impulse.  I know, it goes totally against my focus to #readmyowndamnbooks but I had to do it.  (Another confession - I bought another book too.)  But let's not dwell on that, okay?  What's done is done.

Back to the book.  I really enjoyed this!  I kind of read it with a feeling of wonder, honestly.  Zelda is quite the unusual character in the most excellently unreliably sense.  Do I believe her story - who she is, where she's come from?  Is she another one of Parker's stories?  He is an aspiring writer after all, and we get to read some of his short stories too.  And what's this?  A Latino main character who's story is NOT all about his being Latino - he is just Latino. (period)  Fantastic.

I really enjoyed the writing as well.  I have honestly meant to pick up last year's We All Looked Up, but haven't gotten around to it yet.  Sorry.  I'm really going to have to now though.  There were passages in here that I had to read twice just because I loved the way the idea was being expressed.  That honestly doesn't happen all that often with me and YA literature.  So, yeah, I'd give this one a go if I were you.

Thanks for the Trouble
by Tommy Wallach
Simon & Schuster, 2016
276 pages
Source:  Purchased New


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