Monday, May 9, 2016

Bout of Books 16 Master Post

Bout of BooksHere it is - the week long readathon known as Bout of Books!  I've done this several times before, and look forward to yet another one!  I've decided not to set an actual goal this time.  Instead, this is all about tracking my reading habits for a week.  I mean, I already read whenever I can... not much is going to change for a week long event like this (not like it used to).  I am going to simplify my daily log as well.

This is my master post.  I will update it every day, and post any closing remarks or thoughts here when it's all over.

pages read today: 36
pages read total:  36
Notes:  I was busier than expected after work today, and then my allergies forced me to bed pretty early.  So not a big reading day, but it's only the first day!

pages read today:  90
pages read total:  126
Notes:   I'm really getting into Euphoria by Lily King, which I'm reading for next week's book club meeting.

pages read today:  75
pages read total:  201
Notes: My allergies are killing me this week.  I'm seriously falling asleep an hour or two earlier than usual which is cutting into my regular reading time!

pages read today:  77
pages read total:  276
Notes:  Finished Euphoria (SO GOOD!) and started Two if by Sea by Jacqueline Mitchard.  I wanted to get to a faster YA book, but considering the fact I'll be seeing Ms. Mitchard on Monday at a Massachusetts Library Association conference AND I'm bringing her into my library in a couple weeks - I decided to start her book next.  Let me just say, that it opens with a whopper of a first chapter, and while I didn't get much farther than that - I am very intrigued by the psyche of the main character Frank.

pages read today:  80
pages read total:  356
Notes: I had the day off from work, so I got some reading in after tiring myself out with yard work!

pages read today: 22
pages read total:  378
Notes:  Had a long, tiring, but pretty rewarding day at work today.  You gotta love when a library program you've put together and stressed over for months is actually fairly successful.  In my case, yesterday was the Local Author Fair I put together.  I've made some notes for improvement for next time, but I'm pretty happy with how it turned out.  I think the authors were too.  However, that left me with little focus or energy to read. Oh well, still a good day in my book!

pages read today:  21
pages read total:  399
Notes:  Incredibly busy day today - getting ready to go to the Massachusetts Library Association conference tomorrow (and be gone overnight!), cleaning the house, and working in the yard.  I was exhausted by the end of the day.  Also, Game of Thrones was on.

Closing thoughts:  I just didn't get into a good stride this week.  I don't think it has anything to do with the readathon, just this ended up being a really tough week for me to focus more on reading instead of everything else I had to do.  Hopefully next readathon will go better for me!

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