Thursday, May 19, 2016

Graphic Novel Review: "Adulthood is a Myth" by Sarah Andersen

I took one look at this book and I had to read it.  Unfortunately, my co-worker already had it checked out so I had to wait my turn.  I didn't wait long though, and OH MY GOD is this funny and wonderful and all the good things!  The red on the cover?  IT'S FUZZY.

This isn't so much a graphic novel as it is a collection of comic panels.  They don't even necessarily flow from one page to another, but that isn't the point.  The point is that adulting is hard and not much fun.  Adulting while introverted...  even worse.  It can get awkward; it can cause self-doubt.  These panels show many different aspects of this theme, all in ways I could easily relate to.  They may have even happened to some degree.

On a whole, this reminded me a bit of Hyperbole and a Half though not quite as complex.  The art is quirky and fun drawings, all really in black and white.

The target audience is probably senior in high school through - how old am I?  Ok, maybe I am  slightly older than the target but I still loved it.  I posted photos on both my Instagram and Litsy accounts (I'm sarahreadstoomuch on both).  I only did one per account (different photos) but there were so many awesome ones to choose from!

Go ahead and check this book out - laugh and recognize that others have felt that way too when it comes to adulting, etc - and then thank me later.

Adulthood is a Myth
by Sarah Andersen
Andrews McMeel Publishing, 2016
109 pages
Source:  Library



Andi said...

Aaaggghhh! I keep seeing little panels and snippets of this one pop up in various places on the interwebs, and I must read it!

Beth said...

I LOVE her webcomics! I guess I'm a teenager as well because I totally relate to a lot of the panels. I just love how she uses it as a way to work out these weird situations you find yourself in so humorously. Glad you love it, too!!

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