Thursday, July 28, 2016

Book Review: "The Flood Girls" by Richard Fifield

Quinn, Montana is a tiny little town.  Nine years ago, Rachel Flood couldn't leave fast enough - and nobody was sad to see her go (not even her own mother).  But Rachel is back now, and sober, ready to make amends.  She befriends Jake, the style conscious and fabulous twelve year old boy who lives in the trailer next door, and she is forced to work for her mother again.  Her mother runs The Dirty Shame, the bar in town.  Her mother also coaches the women's softball team, and Rachel ends up playing right field even though she is in no way athletic.  It is an interesting way to get back into good graces... but is it enough?

The promise of small town charm made this book appealing to me.  That and the absurd and funny blurb on the jacket... and this book is absurd and funny with plenty of charm.  I just kind of went with it, not realizing just how enamored I was becoming with the characters - Jake especially.  He's just trying to make it in this small town until he can really be himself in the city.  The only thing is that his stepfather has fallen under the spell of the new cultish church in town and cannot deal with Jake's fashion or hobbies that don't fit his idea of what a boy should do and like.  It is heartbreaking how Bert controls Jake's mother and is just plain awful to Jake.  But Jake has plenty of allies in town as well, and I loved that.  In fact, there is a full cast of unique characters here that are all pretty awesome in their own way.

The book almost lost me in the middle.  I just couldn't see where it was going, and while it was certainly enjoyable enough along the way... something needed to happen.  And wow, even though I thought I was prepared, I just wasn't.  I am really glad I stayed with it until the end...  because the ending was perfect.

The Flood Girls
by Richard Fifield
Gallery Books, 2016
336 pages
Source:  Library



Carole said...

Sarah, I've now ordered this one. Thanks! Cheers from Carole's chatter

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