Thursday, August 11, 2016

Book Review: "P.S. I Like You" by Kasie West

Lily Abbott is a member of a large, pretty chaotic family, has a pretty awesome best friend in Isabel, and dreams of being a songwriter.  She starts scribbling lyrics on the desk in her dreaded Chemistry class... and is surprised when someone writes back.  Someone who likes the same music she likes and has a decent sense of humor.  Desk scribblings turn into secret letters where they each bare more and more of themselves to each other - anonymously.  It gets to the point that Lily really starts to like this person, but doesn't know who he is.  There are a couple of suspects:  David, the boy Isabel has been trying to set Lily up with or Lucas, the boy Lily has had a major crush on for the past two years.  When the truth is revealed though... woah.  It isn't who Lily suspected at ALL.

Kasie West writes the most adorable light teen romance ever.  Her books are drop-everything-and-read-NOW books for me.  And this time I literally did drop everything and read it right away.

Lily is a pretty cool character.  She's quirky and creative, but loyal to her crazy family and best friend.  She may have a little confidence problem when it comes to her songs, but she is confident in who she is and embraces her life completely.  Her crush on Lucas is adorable; and she really tries to make an effort with David.  Well, sort of.  The other guy that figures into her life, and not in a positive way is Cade - Isabel's ex-boyfriend and creator of Lily's hated nickname at school.  Lily and Cade spar back and forth in such a funny way that I was kind of rooting for them both in their arguments which is kind of weird I guess.

This is a must read for fans of teen contemporary romance!

P.S. I Like You
by Kasie West
Point, 2016
326 pages
Source:  Library


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Maaike D. said...

I've been reading so many good things about this book. Suppose I'll really need to start reading it!

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