Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Top Ten Tuesday: Books featuring Sports and/or Athletes

This week's Top Ten Tuesday by The Broke and the Bookish is kind of a "freebie" week.  Really, it is a "Rewind" Week where you can go back and redo any of the past topics.  I have no idea if my topic has ever been done before, so I'm rewinding to a Freebie Week.

In honor of the Olympics, I thought I'd like to highlight my favorite books that feature Sports and/or Athletes.  So, in no particular order:

1.  Breathe Annie, Breathe by Miranda Kenneally:  In this book, the main character Annie is training to run a marathon to honor her boyfriend who had recently died tragically.  It really goes into the mental and physical trials of this kind of training... with a sweet romance as well.

2.  The Final Four by Paul Volponi:  This is a quickly paced look at college players competing in a high pressure Final Four game and is told from the viewpoint of four different players.  Parts of the book honestly feel like a play-by-play broadcast of the games.

3.  Winger by Andrew Smith:  I absolutely adore this book about Ryan Dean - a prodigy at a private boarding school who plays on the rugby team.

4.  Crossover by Kwame Alexander:  Another basketball book, but this one is written in verse.  The words have such a great rhythm that help convey the touching story.

5.  The Swap by Megan Shull:   This was a super cute story about a boy hockey player and a female soccer player who swap bodies in a "Freaky Friday" kind of story.

6.  Take Me On by Katie McGarry:  It's no secret that I love Katie McGarry's YA romance books, and this is no different.  In this book, kickboxing takes center stage as the female main character has given up the sport despite being a champion kickboxer and she ends up helping a boy train for his first big fight.

So I guess I don't have 10 books to list...  so do you have any suggestions for me?


Hopewell said...

I like the sound of all of these. Glad I stopped by.

Lauren Stoolfire said...

Winger was so good! Have you read the sequel yet? :)

Check out my TTT.

Sarah Reads Too Much said...

of course Lauren! Loved it!

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