Friday, October 21, 2016

Book Review: "Crafting with Feminism" by Bonnie Burton

When I got the email from Quirk Books describing this book and would I like to check it out, I got super excited.  I mean, the title is a major hook, right?  Who doesn't want to smash the patriarchy with crafts?  I was all in.

I forgot to think about how I'm not an especially crafty person.  Or maybe I thought about it, but pushed it aside because feminism!  It turns out that it is really okay that I'm not super-crafty.  These are very simple to do and you don't need sewing machines and such to do them.  You will need crafty supplies of course, but nothing crazy that you can't get at any regular craft store (or honestly, the craft section at Target might have some of what you need).

The crafts themselves are mostly fun and kitchy (am I spelling that right?).  There are a couple that are pretty or unusual - like the teacup candles were really cute and the high heel planter was eye catchingly cool looking.  But you could also make "badges" out of felt with Feminist sayings that I'd like to try and include with my pin collection on my tote bag.  (Confession - I had intended on making some to show you in this post but I ran out of time.  And they don't even look like they'd take long to make - life just got crazy.  I'm sorry.)  There is also instructions on making a "Nope" necklace with Scrabble pieces which I'm just going to have to make.

The book itself is laced with humor, get feminist quotes, and other handy dandy lists - like a feminist playlist or tips on hosting a crafting party.  I am not interested in making everything in this book - I just don't feel the need to have vagina tree ornaments or a huggable uterus body pillow.  But you might!  Check it out for yourself!

Crafting with Feminism:  25 Girl-Powered Projects to Smash the Patriarchy
by Bonnie Burton
Quirk, 2016
112 pages
Source:  Publisher provided copy for honest review



Alyssa Archambo said...

This sounds like it'd be an amazing Christmas gift for a crafty person -- thank you so much for sharing, it sounds cute! I'll keep it in mind when I'm shopping this year. :p

Sarah Reads Too Much said...

Yes, this would make an excellent gift for a crafty feminist! Or even someone who wants to be crafty and also express more of their feminism!

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