Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Book Review: "Dirty" by Kylie Scott

Lydia has just run away from her wedding, and finds herself without money, clothes (besides the dress she's wearing), or anywhere to go.  She crawls into the first open window she sees...  and arrives in Vaughan's house.  Lydia certainly has to some soul searching and life rebuilding to do, and she's not alone.  Vaughan has just returned back to this house, and in his hometown after not quite reaching his ultimate dream as a guitarist in L.A.  He's also trying to regroup and figure out his next steps.  But for right now, let's just say that Lydia and Vaughan enjoy each other's attention.

This book is not my typical read.  No real reason, I guess, I just really haven't read much romance or new adult.  So I thought I'd try to change that - I mean, I certainly like YA romance - and I thought I'd try this one.  I knew a few of my friends liked it, and that's all it really takes some times.  And you know what?  This was FUN.  I laughed out loud at some of the dialogue between Lydia and Vaughan (or really anyone) and really just enjoyed this quick little book.  And they really make a fantastic couple with some great sexy times.  The secondary characters added plenty to the overall book too, and I hope future books take a closer look at some of them.

The only thing I didn't like completely was the ending.  It felt rushed.  But not enough that I won't go and read more by this author.  In fact, my friends recommended her previous series.  So I requested the entire "Stage Dive" series, and will probably read at least some during the upcoming 24-hour Readathon.

by Kylie Scott
St. Martin's Griffin, 2016
288 pages
Series:  Dive Bar #1
Source:  Library


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