Thursday, October 27, 2016

Book Review: "It's All Your Fault" by Paul Rudnick

Caitlin is almost as sheltered as you can get.  She has been homeschooled, is devoutly Christian, and sings wholesome tunes in her large family's band a la the Partridge family.  She hasn't seen or talked to her cousin Heller in 4 years, even though they grew up together and were best friends.  Something terrible happened between them then, and Catey just can't get past it.  But Heller needs her now.  Heller is a gigantic movie star, about to premiere her blockbuster film and she needs (according to the studio and her management) someone to watch over her and make sure she doesn't do any of her crazy alcohol or drug fueled stunts that could sink the movie.  She needs Caitlin.  But by the end of the weekend, they are in jail, and Caitlin has a tattoo, nose piercing, multi-colored hair and .....  what happened?

I could see the idea of this book within a few pages.  Kind of a Lindsay Lohan (at her worst) on a Hangover type weekend with a complete goody-two-shoes along for the ride.  I had only hoped that it would stay entertaining enough for the ride.  And this delivered!  The actual events that take place are completely over the top, and very comical.  There are some great one liners in here.  Also the exaggerated stereotypes were hilarious!  Granted, I am not one who would be offended by any of this, but maybe someone could be?  I really don't know.  I just had fun with it.

Ultimately, this is a friendship book and looks at trying to get back a friendship that was needed but almost/hopefully not completely ruined.  Catey and Heller need to talk about what happened, but neither really wants to do it.  So circumstances force the issue, of course, but you can feel how much it helps.  It also makes Catey get off her damn high horse, which was gratifying as well.  The bottom line is that this is between the two girls, and no boys get involved to muck it up on them.  Well, there are those two actor guys...   but that hardly even counts.

This is just pure entertainment with a nice little friendship story in there too.

It's All Your Fault
by Paul Rudnick
Scholastic, 2016
294 pages
Source:  ALA-MW galley



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