Saturday, October 22, 2016

Dewey's #Readathon Master Post

It's Readathon Day!!

Here is a day where I do my very best to devote 24 hours to reading, and I'll do it in the company of over 2,000 other people around the world!

So this is what I'll be doing here -

This is my master post.  I will update this every 4 hours or so with how I'm doing and what not.  I'll probably check in on Twitter too.

So here we go!  (If you're looking for more info on the Readathon, or to sign up - click HERE)

8 am:  Let's Go!!

12 noon:  I just finished my first book - A Wrinkle in Time which was my absolute favorite book when I was in elementary school.  I'm so glad I finally gave it a good reread!  I've already dug into my snacks a little bit (they are the best excuse to get myself up and moving a little every so often) and now it is time to make lunch and throw dinner in the crock pot.  As for social media, I have mostly been checking in on Litsy (I'm Sarahreadstoomuch over there) and Twitter (@SarahReads2Much).  I'm loving the Facebook group too...  but it is a little overwhelming for me right now.  Hope you are having a great readathon too!

4 pm:  So just after I posted that previous update, no less than 3 family members called me in succession.  So I lost a little reading time to that, but I am glad to have chatted with all of them.  Dinner is smelling great in the crockpot, that will be ready in a couple hours.  I am about halfway into my second book and having a lot of fun with it.  I'm reading Lick by Kylie Scott - the first in the Stage Dive series.  It is a fun new adult about a wild night in Vegas that has some lasting implications.  Not everything stays in Vegas when a rock star, a ring, and Elvis is involved!

8 pm: Halfway Mark  - Woo hoo!  Halfway there!  It's actually almost halfway there.  I just finished book 2 and am about to start book 3!  I'm going to stay with the Stage Dive series and start reading Play now.  I really liked Mal in the first book, even as a supporting character, so I'm looking forward to reading his own story instead of switch to something else.  I did have to relocate though - my family is watching the last Harry Potter movie in the living room, so I'm moved to my bedroom to keep reading.  I really have to give my husband a shout out for keeping the kids busy all day today for me to enjoy the readathon.  It has even been a crazy rainy day so he couldn't even just send them out to play!  He's the best :)  Hope you're still going strong!

12 midnight:  Starting to get pretty tired over here.  My whole family has now gone to bed.  I am 3/4 of the way through book 3, and I'm going to finish it before I nod off.  I'd like to try and pick up a 4th book, at least get started...  but I don't know if it is going to happen for me or not.  No matter what, this has been an incredibly successful readathon for me.  No complaints at all!

4 am:  Well, I finished Play and went to sleep just after 1:30am.  I feel like maybe I could have stayed up and read more, but I was in zombie mode and I'm not sure that anything I read at that point would have stuck.

8 am:  The Big Finish  Yeah, I was still in bed.  I woke up around 7:40 but couldn't get myself awake enough to read for the last few minutes.  No worries - I feel that with 3 books (818 pages) read in 17.5 hours, this was a very successful readathon for me.  Looking forward to the next one, set for April 29, 2017.  See you there!

Books Finished:  

  • A Wrinkle in Time by Madeline L'Engle (232pgs)  
  • Lick by Kylie Scott (292 pages)
  • Play by Kylie Scott (294 pages)


Susan said...

I love A Wrinkle In Time! I definitely need to reread it. Also, is it bad that I am ignoring all phone calls and texts from my family?

Sarah Reads Too Much said...

Ha! Not bad at all. My husband is being awesome today with keeping the kids occupied. But I did have to take all those phone calls...

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