Saturday, November 19, 2016

Book Review: "The Boston Girl" by Anita Diamant

This book was all the rage around here for about a year... I think it just recently stopped having a wait list at the library.  Therefore, I wasn't surprised when my book group at the library voted this book in for one of this year's reads.

The premise of the book is that 85 year old Addie is telling her life's story to her granddaughter.  Addie is the daughter of Russian Jewish immigrants, and was born here in America around the turn of the century.  Her story primarily encompasses her life from about age 15 until her late twenties, with a quick epilogue to bring her to present day.  And Addie has seen some things, folks.

I felt like this was a nice book, bordering on light but not fluffy.  It approaches some pretty big topics, topics that could anchor a book in itself, but not here.  Instead, they are merely touched upon and move on.  It is reminiscing on a life without getting to deep into the harder areas (though there is plenty of hard).

The writing has a generally easy quality to it.  This is a happy conversation between grandmother and granddaughter (though it is easy to forget that is what is happening here).  I think this would be great to listen to on audio actually.  But I'm curious to see how it works with the book club.  I feel like the conversation will fall off into personal remembrances and anecdotes - especially as we are so close to Boston.  And that's okay...  but I prefer something a bit more critical in that atmosphere.

The Boston Girl
by Anita Diamant
Scribner, 2014
320 pages
Source:  Library


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